A biological brain is an excellent learning machine. We are exploring brain functions, which have not yet been achieved by artificial computers, with multiple levels of approach from synaptic learning rules to learning behavior of animals.

We collaborate with Isomura Lab.
Room: 3F Research Center bldg.
Fields: Theory of neural computation,
Learning behavior,
Reinforcement learning,
Neural coding,
Stochastic process
Publications: [Resarchmap]
Collaborators: Yoshikazu Isomura @ Tamagawa Univ
Minoru Kimura @ Tamagawa Univ
Tomoki Fukai @ RIKEN
Satoshi Hirata @ Kyoto Univ
Saori C Tanaka @ ATR
Yuki Sakai @ ATR
Takafumi Minamimoto @ NIRS
  1991-1995 Faculty of Science, Kyoto University
1995-2000 Graduate school of Science, Kyoto University (Prof. Kuramoto Y, Associate Prof. Shinomoto S).
Ph. D in Science.
2000-2004 Reseach Associate, Faculty of Engineering, Saitama University (Prof. Yoshizawa S)
2004-2007Associate Professor, College of Engineering, Tamagawa University
2007-2013Associate Professor, Tamagawa University Brain Science Institute
2013-todayProfessor, Tamagawa University Brain Science Institute

Research Theme: